With SKYLAUNCH, we want to excel in the commercialization of proprietary and third party AI technologies and solutions by covering all strategic and operational layers of the AI value chain and thereby become a leading brand for global commercial AI adaption within the next 10 years.

In order to achieve our goal of becoming a leading AI enabler for businesses around the world, we created SKYLAUNCH as the management holding for operating the various group entities, providing strategic direction, strategic funding as well as cross-company management services.

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Skylaunch is covering all layers of the Artificial Intelligence value pyramid.

This allows us to oversee every single aspect of the delivery, enabling us to foster effeciency and thereby create real business value for our customers and partners, across the whole ecosystem.

Skylaunch‘s group entities work hand in hand to build the most promising AI-centric ecosystem, spanning across the EMEA region.

With offices in Kaiserslautern (one of the global hotspots for AI research and scientific innovation), Frankfurt am Main, Luxembourg, and Dubai, Skylaunch is bridging the gap between technology & commercialization, bringing together best of both worlds and creating a spark of AI-fueled business innovation.

Skylaunch executes against a strategic expansion plan, both on group level as well as on all single operating entities with a clear committment to pay into our Vision.

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Skylaunch serves as the Management Holding for operating the various group entities, providing strategic direction, strategic funding as well as cross-company Management Services.









The Group Management is responsible for definition, implementation and execution of group strategy, as well as providing guidance and governance to all associated group entities, in order to ensure all single elements pay into Skylaunch‘s mid to long term strategy of being a leading brand on global commercial AI Adaption.

Alexander Fridhi

[ Chairman & Group CCO ]

Dr.-Ing. Christian Gilcher

[ Chairman & Group CTO ]

Fatima Al Hammad

[ Director Group GCC ]

Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann

[ Director Group Strategic Projects ]

Marcus Reul

[ Director Group Delivery ]

Kambiz Djafari

[ Director Group Marketing ]

Romana Reeb

[ Director Group HR ]

Pascal Berg

[ Director Group Sales ]

Frankfurt am Main

Taunusanlage 8
60329 Frankfurt am Main


21 Rue Glesener
1631 Luxembourg


Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1
United Arab Emirates

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    Want to learn more learn more about us or one of our companies? Just leave us a message and we will come back to you as soon as possible.


    Want to learn more learn more about us or one of our companies? Just leave us a message and we will come back to you as soon as possible.


    Alexander Fridhi

    [ Chairman & Group CCO ]
    Alexander is a serial entrepreneur in the field of digital ventures and (co)founder of several companies, for example ZR, DDG and Skylaunch. He is also involved in various organizations to foster startups and entrepreneurship and to drive the exchange between science, business and the digital industry. Currently he is concentrating on the development of an ultimate ecosystem for artificial intelligence, including funding, venturing, Workbench and Strategy consulting for AI.

    Dr.-Ing. Christian Gilcher

    [ Chairman & Group CTO ]
    With a strong background both in Business Engineering and Technology, Christian combines both conceptual and practical skills that are essential for designing modern AI-native business software. Main experiences include “Global Head of IT Business Management” at Dresdner Kleinwort Investment Bank and Commerzbank as well as building AI-centric Digital products with German “Mittelstand” clients with DDG AG. Christian always strives to combine clean architectures as well as effective functionality.

    Fatima Al Hammad

    [ Executive Director GCC ]
    After completing an elite scholarship in Economics at the UAEU, Fatima worked in one of the best successful real estate developers in UAE as an investment analyst. Later on, she joined the ministry of industry and commerce in Bahrain, where she was an Economist in the department of developing SMEs. In 2020 Fatima became one of the top 3 in the finals for innovative ideas and approved innovative solutions, in the greatest national competition in UAE to design the future. In her current position as Executive Director GCC she is focused on achieving her vision of making innovation profitable in the whole region of Middle East and all over the world.

    Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann

    [ Senior Advisor Group Strategic Projects ]
    Professor Scheuermann’s focus is on finance with proven experience in the education management industry and strategy consulting. He is experienced in business planning, management, business development, finance and venture capital. His research interests primarily include digitization in finance and fintech (applications of AI and blockchain). He is considered a strong education professional through his PhD with a focus on economics and finance from the University of Mannheim.

    Marcus Reul

    [ Director Group Delivery ]
    With more than 14 years of experience in various roles and responsibilities in a complex, international, fast-paced and matrix-organized environment, Marcus Reul is considered a professional and reliable team player. Due to his previous activities as a project manager, he is characterized by excellent prioritization skills and good judgment, as well as his experience in leading teams and budgets,. In his new role as Director Group Delivery, Marcus is now motivated to serve the SKYLAUNCH with full drive.

    Kambiz Djafari

    [ Director Group Marketing ]

    Starting his career more than ten years ago in online marketing, web analytics, growth hacking and event management, Kambiz Djafari learned different sides of the business world. As an early investor in Bitcoin, he spent many years studying the underlying technology of blockchain and also made a name for himself in the industry as a keynote and panel speaker from Manila to Gibraltar.

    In addition to his position as Head of Digital Commerce at Universal McCann, Djafari also co-founded and successfully existed, a blockchain tech startup that aims to make education smart by putting it on the blockchain. Currently, he is looking forward to exciting challenges as Director Group Marketing at Skylaunch, where he aims to act in the spirit of his mantra: “Not perfection. It’s excellence that you must always go for“.

    Pascal Berg

    [ Director Group Sales ]
    With a professional focus on the digital economy and leadership, Pascal has been working in B2B sales and business development for many years. In addition to building sustainable and collaborative customer relationships, he promotes the potential of the ‘human factor’ in an increasingly digitalized value chain.

    Furthermore, he brings experience in coaching managers, teams and organizations and guiding them through the transformation into the digital age. His focus is now on inspiring and empowering customers and entrepreneurial partners to seize the opportunities of digitalization and bring the application of artificial intelligence to value-adding implementation.